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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly
what is essential is invisible to the eye.
Who's to say
I am impressed and would like to correct a lot of rules and regulations
Good work, even if ultimately there is a common impression
Do not pray for an easy life.
Rather, pray to be a strong person...........
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Korea
The sky of the moon, i wish everybody is very happy and healthy
i'll Be harder to draw pictures
Good thing I'm working towards them
thanks all
but I joined the test today, the company fell out of the game
So I'm practicing again to find the cause
Game companies want to go, come while the lack of awareness about the level design and I'm eager to start again from level design.'ll Do my best
daviantart is very good to me..
i'v never seen before many artist & friend..
nowadays i finding a job..
so i don't uploading my pictures..
very thanks comment & watch& fav friends..
i'll try more..
i'll be soon...
yesterday begin to problem...
the gallery browser next page out of order..
so i don't see next page pictures..yet..
several times i require.. desk.. but
not different...i want slove this problem..
anybody know?
i want find a solution
help me...devinant art is important to me.
thanks All fav & commentary people
really thanks but my pictures don't use
all the pictures my portfolio..
and not finished yet ...
l think about my picture Inexperienced..
While far away...
so i'll try more & more.. really thanks
yesterday i didn't uploading...
may be fixind dd... ^^
really thanks commentary people~
hello people
may i ask some question...
today i don't uploding any other pictures..
must be a primium user?
tell me please
now a days i don't used to davint....